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May 02, 2008


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Saw you on Shep Smith's show today. I know that Ahmadinejad is code for boogey monster...but your co-workers on FOX should understand that Ahmadinejad is not Iran's leader, Ali Khamenei is. Ahmadinejad is in charge of a disastrous domestic policy and in a fashion reminiscent of a certain American president likes to rattle sabers and talk loudly in order to obfuscate the severe economic crisis Iran is undergoing.

The BlizzardKing

I <3 you!


how does it feel being a lapdog and faux democrat for the satanic hand of ailes and murdoch?

just come out of the closet with your mccain pin already.

Torro Tor

Well you dems wanted that spineless fool. Now you gotta live with him.

Kirsten Powers Fan

Kirsten Powers is one of the best minds on TV. Her perspective is usually pretty fair on a wide range of topics and policies.

Steve Van Dien

Dear Ms. Powers,

Your last post was nearly two years ago. Do you still desire to maintain this site?

I hope you do, since you are one of the most thoughtful liberal Democrat commentators. We conservatives seldom agree with your ideas and opinions, but even so, you express them so well that they command respect.

When can we expect your next post?

Steve Van Dien

Derek Todd

Have you put on weight? I know the TV adds 10 pounds, but it looks like you are ballooning.

Try drinking more water in place of food, and when you eat, don't eat more volume than can fill one hand.

Also, try more small meals than many large meals.

You can win the battle of the bulge, but it will take some time. Stick with it!

Barack Hussein Obama

Kirsten Powers is a disgusting c-u-n-t.

Keith Olbermann

Kirsten -

Just saw the beatdown you got from Megyn. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. You should get more combat pay from Roger Ailes.

Watching Megyn chew your ass was like watching Shaq dunking on midgets.

Next time, do your homework and focus less on the couture.



Kirsten Powers is just too stupid to realize how stupid she is. She is obviously just a leftist propaganda hack.

Kirsten is proof that die-hard leftists in general have mental disorders. People like Kirsten are a plague to society.

Forrest Gump

Lol "Facts" is just too stupid to realize how stupid he is to watch Fox News.
Kirsten powers obviously some kind of weird scapegoat for Fox News to insult democrats.

Every post here against her views is an insult, that should tell you something.

Why does she even work for Fox? Obviously she knows what she is talking about, but all they do is insult her everytime she shows up for a broadcast.
Fox is a brainwashing machine. Old people and hicks actually believe it and their circling of facts. Having a democrat to insult on their shows re-inforces to viewers that democrats are, simply-put, wrong and bad.

The problem is, what is the meaning of wrong to these viewers? They have no logical way of processing information in their small brains.

Kirsten is doing herself a disservice by working for Fox.

Forrest Gump!

Perfect example.
1:05, Glen Beck say "AMERICA, shes making fun of me"
Oh commn, all of sudden your Mr. Fucking Sensitive?

Anyone whose educated, and not old or a hick, will know how messed up Fox is. I think this will only lead to the demise of the conservatives.
The correlation between Fox and conservatism is too close, and this will eventually sway the educated to the democrats.

If America wants real conservatism to be practiced, I think they will need to wait till the democrats branch off after the current conservative thinking dies off (as a result of Fox and the misinformed).

Fox does not inform, it preaches lies.


I have always considered Hillary to be a more powerful candidate than Obama. Obama rode a massive wave of public ignorance.

Hillary, IMHO, is no better for the country than Obama, the difference; Hillary is committed. People already know that she's very liberal.

Obama ran a campaign based on NOTHING and charisma. The voters never really knew what he was going to do. Most voters believed that he was going to do whatever THEY thought was best for the country.

Hillary is definitely going to be the next democrat candidate for president. Who else do they have? Obama is dead in the water. Obama is too goofy and slow, off the cuff, to pull off another presidential election. When things go wrong Obama's answer is, “We need more time.” That only works for so long.

Hillary has been mostly out of the media the entire time she's been Secretary of State. There was much more media coverage when Condoleezza Rice was Secretary of State. I wonder why... hmm...


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